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TV Program Guide

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Spectrum Ch. 677/HD 1677 (For updated information, call 538-1966) Programs are Subject to Change Without Notice “Kimi wa Pet (You are My Pet),” premieres on Wednesday,...
Photo from the “Yonaoshi Junan! Ninjoken”

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Ansatsutai (Ninja Assassins),” 1960 jidaigeki, 1 hour and 23 minutes. Directed by Sadatsugu Matsuda. Starring Utaemon Ichikawa and Ryunosuke Tsukigata. Saotome Mondonosuke pursues the culprit who...

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“The Interrogator Special” airs Thursday, Sept. 14, at 7 p.m. and Friday, Sept. 15, at noon. Channel 9 (Spectrum) and 20 (Hawaiian Telcom) Programs...

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Channel 4 (Spectrum) and 6 (Hawaiian Telcom) (Subject to change, without notice. For updated information, call 521-8066) “Breezy Love,” Sunday at 6:30 p.m.; re-airs Monday at...
Photo of “Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation,” premeires Monday, Aug. 7, at 7:35 p.m.

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TUESDAY, AUG. 1 Midnight – Whistling Drifter 1:30 a.m. – Hanjiro of Kusama: Bird of Passage 3 a.m. – The Silk Hat Boss 4:30 a.m. – The Yagyu Military...
Photo of a scene from “The Emperor in August” - military personnel gathered and sitting in a dark room

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3:30 p.m. – Tokyo Bordello 5:50 p.m. – Hanjiro of Kusama: Bird of Passage 7:20 p.m. – Pulling an Oar 9:40 p.m. – Sanguine Battle 11:20 p.m. –...
Photo of “Yonaoshi Junan! Ninjoken,” premieres Thursday, Aug. 3, at 7:35 p.m

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PROGRAMS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE “Yonaoshi Junan! Ninjoken,” premieres Thursday, Aug. 3, at 7:35 p.m. Junan, a former instructor of swordplay for the Shogun...
Photo of a scene from “The Emperor in August”

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Shingo Yamashiro and Hiroki Matsukata. The activities of feudal boss Jirocho and his underlings are depicted. “Kai (Pulling an Oar),” 1985 drama, 2 hours and 15...

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Channel 9 (Spectrum) and 20 (Hawaiian Telcom) Programs are subject to change, without notice. For updated information, call 847-2021) “Keijiro Amemiya Documentary,” Thursday, Aug. 3,...

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