Liquid Culture

Liquid Culture

Photo of Honolulu Sake Brewery brewmaster Takao Nihei (Photo by Tom Haar)

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Chris Pearce Hawai‘i Herald Columist Imagine yourself a brewmaster at a sake brewery in central Japan. Tottori Prefecture, let’s say, or perhaps Gunma. You’re checking the...
Takao and Misayo Nihei (wearing lei) are greeted at Honolulu Harbor in 1956 by Honolulu Sake Brewing Co., Ltd. president Daizo Sumida (far left), his wife Fusao Sumida; and Susumu Nomura, Honolulu Sake’s director of operations. (Photos courtesy Misayo Nihei)

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Nihei-san next to a row of sake tanks in the brewery’s storage room. Takao Nihei’s Pioneering Sake Research Chris Pearce Hawai‘i Herald Columist In the summer of...

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Jodie Chiemi Ching Special to The Hawai‘i Herald In Okinawa, awamori is said to age much like people do, in character, flavor and sophistication. Lotus Spirits, LLC,...

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