100th Inf. / 442nd Reg.

100th Inf. / 442nd Reg.

Photo of Adm. Harry B. Harris praising the "Nisei Trailblazers"

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Adm. Harry B. Harris Jr. Commander, U.S. Pacific Command Editor’s note: One of the events of last month’s commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the bombing...
Photo of Gov. George Ariyoshi, speaking at the "Japanese American Veterans Tribute"

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Gov. George R. Ariyoshi Governor of Hawai‘i, 1974 to 1986 Aloha everyone . . . Before I say very much, I want to express my appreciation to...
Photo of Gov. David Ige, speaking at "The Japanese American Veterans Tribute"

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Gov. David Y. Ige Governor of Hawai‘i (2015 to present) The veterans who attended the “Fighting Two Wars: Japanese American Veterans Tribute” gathered for a...
Photo of the 100th Battalion and Governor David Ige, and First Lady, Dawn Amano-Ige

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Susan Muroshige Omura Special to The Hawai‘i Herald Editor’s note: During a recent conversation with Susan Muroshige Omura, a friend and fellow 100th Battalion “daughter,” she...
Photo of issue's cover photo, "Pearl Harbor, From War To Peace"

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Japanese Americans Were Forced to Fight Two Battles in World War II Karleen C. Chinen On this 75th anniversary of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, many...
Photo of June Arakawa prays at the grave of her sister Nancy Masako Arakaki.

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Many Were Victims of “Friendly Fire” Allan Beekman Special to The Hawai‘i Herald (Reprinted from Dec. 6, 1991) A disproportionate number of the civilian casualties of the Pearl Harbor...
Photo of the "Black Badges" worn by Japanese Americans during World War II

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AJA I.D. Likened to Those Worn by Jews and Dissidents During World War II Ellen Kim Reprinted from Dec. 6, 1991 It could have been a scene...
Photo of Clayton Ikei (left) and Steve Okino

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Close to 500 World War II Nisei veterans, their families and friends turned out for the 442nd Veterans Club’s 73rd anniversary banquet at the...

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Editor’s note: With Memorial Day just days away and departed loved ones in our thoughts, it is fitting that we share with you Gen....

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