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DIALOGUE BY Karleen C. Chinen
Lester Higa during his 1987 interview with the Herald. “In another generation, Vietnam will only be a memory of the grandparents, not a reality of the second and third generation that left.”

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Forgotten ... and Now Remembered Karleen Chinen Originally published March 6, 1987 A woman lovingly arranges a bunch of fresh-cut flowers and leans them against the stark...
Consul General Misawa embraced his time in Hawai‘i by learning about the history of the Japanese in Hawai‘i, and taking sanshin and ‘ukulele lessons.

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DIALOGUE BY Karleen C. Chinen
Onizuka siblings Claude Onizuka and Shirley Matsuoka and astronaut Col. Edward Michael Fincke of the NASA astronaut office at the bust of Ellison Onizuka on his 71st birthday, which was marked by the opening of the Ellison Onizuka Remembrance at JCCH.

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SPOTLIGHT BY Karleen C. Chinen
Photo of Colin Sewake

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DIALOGUE BY Karleen Chinen
Photo of the Arata aunties and uncles gathered to welcome me to Okinawa in 1986.

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Mom (front row, second from left) made her first trip to Okinawa to visit her mother and her family in 1960 — three...
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DIALOGUE By Karleen Chinen
Photo of Gov. David Ige presents a framed feather lei to Hiroshima Gov. Hidehiko Yuzaki.

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‘Ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro plays “Wipe Out” with Consul General Yasushi Misawa and Gov. David Ige. Karleen C. Chinen About 120 people gathered at the...
Photo of Judge Shunichi Kimura

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DIALOGUE BY Karleen Chinen
Photo of outgoing president Tom Yamamoto (right) presents the president’s gavel to his successor, Vince Watabu.

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Earlier this year, the Hawai‘i United Okinawa Association installed its 2017 officers and advisors and honored its Uchinanchu of the Year (see Hawai‘i Herald,...

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