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Photo of Gerald R. Ford back in 1976 as he signs “An American Promise,” officially repealing Executive Order 9066.

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Karleen C. Chinen Commentary If nothing else, Donald Trump’s presidency is prompting many of us to pay closer attention to the business of governing in America....
Photo of Hawai‘i Sansei attorneys Leigh-Ann Miyasato and Eric Yamamoto worked tirelessly to get Fred Korematsu’s conviction overturned. (Hawai‘i Herald file photo)

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An Opportunity to Learn About the Continuing Importance of the Korematsu Case Karleen C. Chinen During a visit to the University of Hawai‘i’s William S. Richardson...
Group Photo of The tournament-winning Hawai‘i internee softball team at Fort Missoula.

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Kumaji Furuya’s entire family greeted him at Honolulu Harbor when he arrived home on Nov. 13, 1945. From left: Sons Hanzo, Seizo, Albert...
Photo of Leroy and Dorothy Brown’s old barracks home in Newell.

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PILGRIMAGE BY Karleen Chinen
The Hawaii Herald Logo

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DIALOGUE BY Karleen C. Chinen
Group Photo of Hawaii United Okinawa Association (HUOA) 2016 “Legacy Award”

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SPOTLIGHT By Karleen C. Chinen
Photo of issue's cover photo, "Pearl Harbor, From War To Peace"

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Japanese Americans Were Forced to Fight Two Battles in World War II Karleen C. Chinen On this 75th anniversary of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, many...
Photo of Clayton Ikei (left) and Steve Okino

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DIALOGUE By Karleen C. Chinen
Photo of Kumu Kahana Ho and students

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REVIEW By Karleen C. Chinen

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