Nengajo (continued II)

Nengajo (continued II)

Featuring Angela Isidro's Nengajo
Image of Kayla Nadig's Nengajo

Kayla Nadig, grade 6, Kapolei Middle School — second place, artistic, middle school.

Image of Ashlyn Wong's Nengajo

Ashlyn Wong, grade 12, Roosevelt High School — third place, comical, high school.

Image of Angela Isidro's Nengajo

Angela Isidro, grade 11, Moanalua High School — first place, artistic, high school.

Image of Iokepa Jacobi's Nengajo

Iokepa Jacobi, grade 4, Wilson Elementary School — second place, Hawai‘i, elementary.

Image of Jessica Eligio's Nengajo

Jessica Eligio, grade 11, Mililani High School — third place, Hawai‘i, high school.

Image of Victoria Brown's Nengajo

Victoria Brown, grade 4, ‘Äina Haina Elementary School — first place, comical, elementary.

Image of Chihiro Mase's Nengajo

Chihiro Mase, grade 12, McKinley High School — first place, original, high school.

Image of Kobi Miyamoto's Nengajo

Kobi Miyamoto, grade 4, Mililani ‘Ike Elementary School — third place, comical, elementary.

Image of Rayann Lutz's Nengajo

Rayann Lutz, grade 5, ‘Äina Haina Elementary School — second place, artistic, elementary.


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