PBS Hawaii Presents “Family Ingredients”

PBS Hawaii Presents “Family Ingredients”

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WHO/WHAT: Part foodie, part travelogue, part genealogy, “Family Ingredients” is hosted by acclaimed Hawai‘i chef and sustainability hero Ed Kenney. The six-part series showcases Hawai‘i’s small town communities and highlights untold stories and exhilarating experiences that cross the Pacific Ocean. The show is an ode to farmers, food producers and families. Airs on Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. on PBS Hawaii


Aug. 3: “Japan – Miso Soup.” In Japan, miso factories are like microbreweries in America. Chefs Ed Kenney and Alan Wong dive into the origins of miso soup, Wong’s favorite childhood dish, and search for the finest ingredients.

Aug. 10: “Puerto Rico – Arroz con Gandules.” Puerto Rican pride thrives in Hawai‘i. Chef Ed Kenney meets up with entertainer Tiara Hernandez, whose family grew up in Waikiki showrooms. They follow a culinary path to a country she’s never seen to learn more about her heritage.


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