Maui Workshop On How To Wear A Yukata

Maui Workshop On How To Wear A Yukata

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WHO/WHAT: The Japanese Cultural Society of Maui will present a workshop on how to wear a yukata — a summer, cotton kimono — that is worn at obon festivals. Sensei Ken Tasaka will be demonstrating the intricacies of Japanese fashion and teach participants the complexities of wearing traditional kimono.

Students must provide their own yukata or kimono and accessories including obi and ties. After the class, students are encouraged to practice at home.
WHEN/WHERE: Sunday, June 29, from 4-5 p.m. at Tenrikyo Maui Kyokai Church, 649 S. Kamehameha Ave. in Kahului.

COST: Free, but registration is required. Call Renee at (808) 244-6042 or email


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